Cutting-edge technology to simplify complex submission development.

Introducing RegWriter™, the first AI-augmented authoring platform that keeps the writer in the driver's seat. SMEs know best. So, we built a tool that doubles your capacity and magnifies your strengths all while reducing costs and simplifying your regulatory submission workflow.

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Conquer the Regulatory Maze: we are pioneering software to streamline submissions, fine-tune workflows, and drive you towards high-quality documents in record time.

  • Complete documents faster with RegWriter™ out-of-the-box features including SME-verified templates, dynamic content suggestions, and AI-augmented authoring.
  • Previously static documents come alive with interactive data engagement and rapid information transfer.
  • Integrated smart search functionality across all reference files improves authoring efficiency.
  • Automated authoring audit reports and data verification workflow.

Top accuracy

Automated generation of content with up to an impressive 80% accuracy.

Avoid multiple programs

Significantly reduce annual life-cycle burdens across programs

Document adaptable

Easily author from multiple DOCX, PDFs, XLSX or CSV files simultaneously.

Powerful Automation

GxT is developing several next-generation tools to support regulatory submissions, regulatory strategy, clinical research and expedite everyday activities for medical device and biopharma professionals.

Reduce and improve regulatory document prep time with AI-augmented content authoring.

Fast results

Immediate workflow efficiency results within ~3 months.

Easy standarization

Standardize and automate workflows, templates, and data documents.

Self reliant

Self-training improves output and versatility over time.
Join us on the revolution

Adapt, streamline, and evolve your submission workflows toward cost efficient, high-quality documents in record time.

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