It's time to do regulatory better.

We are on a mission to build software that enhances regulatory intelligence, streamline workflows, and revolutionize the way you work – all while increasing efficiency and reducing the need for extensive training or implementation time.

Introducing our cutting-edge solutions, designed exclusively for regulatory, quality, and clinical teams in the biopharma and medical device industries. Our cloud-based tools are built by industry insiders who understand the unique daily challenges you face.

Streamlined Workflows

Simplify processes and reduce manual effort with AI-augmented authoring.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate our tools into your existing systems.

Collaboration & Intelligence

Collaborate, develop insights, and create using centralized platforms and sources of truth.

Safe, Secure, and Scalable

Adapt and grow with confidence as your organization evolves.

Who we are

Discover Global Exponential Technologies (GxT) - an alliance of seasoned software engineers, data scientists, and regulatory specialists committed to empowering regulatory affairs, clinical research, and quality management professionals like never before.

We pride ourselves on delivering state-of-the-art, intuitive technology solutions to elevate your productivity. At GxT we're not just offering tools, we provide comprehensive support and innovative, AI-augmented strategies to enable your sucess.