Consolidate and analyze regulatory agency feedback to improve future submissions.

Advanced Document Data Management (ADDM) Trend™

With automated audit report upload tool and customizable, interactive dashboards you can quickly and easily manage your regulatory feedback and rapidly collect insights.

Finally! Learning from historical findings and improving future submissions is possible with ADDM Trend™.

Automation and Validation

ADDM Trend™ will automatically extract relevant data from your notified body audit deficiency report and prepare it for your verification. Custom project templates available for easy categorization and trending.

User Support and Maintenance

We are here to help you get the most out of your database with training and continual support. Rest easy knowing your database is continually maintained and evaluated for stability and security.

Fast & Seamless Collaboration

Multiple departments and users work together simultaneously with no risk of corruption. Cloud storage offers cost-effective, scalable storage.

Advanced Data Security

Data is encrypted in transit and in storage. Your data is safe, secure, and protected. All data is stored on servers with gold-standard security, permissions, and access control.

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